More than just an inspector

Protection Plus Home Inspections, LLC is owned and operated by Jonathan Hopkins, ACI BVI. Jon brings over 2 decades of construction and remodeling experience on homes from brand new to vintage to the Home Inspection arena. He has worked on major renovations dating from 1880 construction methods up to today’s complicated and ever-changing home technology. Rest assured Jon has “been there-done that” and has “seen it all” over the years, which is a critical advantage when choosing your home inspector. Jon is an expert inspector that not only inspects homes, he also knows how they are built from the ground up inside and out.

Keeping you informed

Jon is a graduate of the American Home Inspection Training Institute (aka AHIT) which offers one of the broadest training programs in the country. AHIT is the top school of its kind, with extensive training on everything from a masonry chimney smoke shelf to photovoltaics; simply anything and everything pertaining to a home from the footing to the rooftop. Jon is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), an ASHI Background Certified Inspector (BVI) and has also passed the National Home Inspection Exam which makes Jon a Nationally Certified Inspector. When you need a highly skilled and trained inspector, look no further! Jon has a warm, friendly personality and will not act as an “alarmist” or make you feel uncomfortable during the inspection process. In fact, you will greeted by a smile and handshake. Jon will undoubtedly make you laugh a few times as well! Expect nothing short of a comfortable, easy going and highly informative educational experience with Jon!

Education means everything to Jon

As a proud active member of The Midwest Association of Home Inspectors (aka MAHI), Jon receives ongoing education at the monthly meetings on everything from structural failure to the latest in HVAC systems. Trained in the field and mentored by Dave Taurinskas, Vice President of MAHI has been instrumental in the development of his inspections style and accuracy. Couple that with Jon’s extensive construction experience, ongoing education & dedicated craft of home inspection and you have the real deal! Always working in the best interest of the client, being very accurate without being a “deal killer” and taking the time to really educate the client on report details assures a great experience.

Satisfied Homeowners

Protection Plus Home Inspections, LLC is a solid choice for buyers, sellers and Realtors alike. Jon would love to be your go-to reliable Home Inspector, and will demonstrate the many ways you made the right choice on every inspection!